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Camps in Israel - Krav Maga Global

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Krav Maga camps in Israel

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The Krav Maga summer camps are conducted in Israel throughout a whole month, where practitioners from all over the world join together for training with the top KMG instructors. Over the years, the camps had become a way of life for any individual who trains krav maga. Each year, over 300 participants join the camps in Israel for training, laughing and having an amazing time – Together!
More than 50% of the participants return the camps year after year, and every year the experience is getting even better than the last year. The camps in Israel are considered as the main event of Krav Maga Global, and throughout the year KMG is making preparations for this important month. Hence, we intend on keeping your satisfaction as a direct result of your feedback, and improving even more this amazing experience every year, just for you!.

camps in Israel

The World-renowned KMG Practitioner, Graduate and Expert Krav Maga Camps in Israel will takes place in Haifa. The camps are an exclusive training event for P, G, and E-level students, certified Krav Maga Global Instructors and anyone who wants to train Krav Maga (only P-camp). The krav Maga camps in Israel gives you the opportunity to spend an extended period of time training intensively under the watchful eye of KMG Chief Instructor Eyal Yanilov and his Global Team. The Krav Maga Global Practitioner, Graduate and Expert Camps attract nearly 200 people from the 60+ countries that Krav Maga Global serves today – bringing together Krav Maga Practitioners, Graduate and Expert Level trainees for a worthwhile and educational experience.

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Camps in Israel - Eyal Yanilov


Krav Maga training in camps is held in different environments like at the beach, in the water, in forests, in confined spaces and even at night-time which enhances low light fighting condition abilities.

Training at the camps is a combination of technical, tactical, mental and physical aspects – with the aim passing on the knowledge of Krav Maga, updating the latest developments system, meeting new people and above all having fun!
When camps decent towards the finals, you’ll be going throughout a gruelling 8 hours exam while you’re being pushed to the limits and tested in Krav Maga knowledge as well as your physical capabilities. Then, you can be the one who receives the next grade in Krav Maga, and eventually climbing one more step towards the top.

You’ll train hard, you’ll learn a lot and if you pass your test… you deserved it. – Eyal Yanilov

Camps in Israel

Global team of instructors at the camps 2015

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If you have any questions regarding a specific event or the events in general, please feel free to check out our FAQ, use our online community on Facebook or send us a message on our KMG HQ page on Facebook.

Camps For Everyone:

The KMG camps in Israel are divided into three different camps:

Practitioners (P camp)

The “P camp” is the first camp in the summer, this camp is for any practitioner level, even if you have never practiced before. Sometimes we even have expert levels joining to brush up on their skills. Moreover, we also have G level participants aligning up with a quick review about their skills right before they start the “G camp”.
You have no experience in Krav Maga? No problem!
We are arranging the groups by the participant’s level, so you can join the camp safely and begin your journey TODAY without any hesitations!

Pictures of P Camps in Israel

Graduates (G camp)

The G camp is intended for students that are in the levels of G1-G5. Also, students that are planning on taking the G1 test during the summer.

Pictures of G Camps in Israel

Experts (E camp)

The expert camp is intended for the highest ranking Krav Maga students from level E1 and above. This camp is also intended for G5 level students that plan on taking their E1 test during the summer or that want to get some more training.

Pictures of E Camps in Israel

Camps in Israel

Do I have to be tested during the camps in Israel?

Of-course not, the most important goal of the camps is to bring people to Israel and for them to train together and improve their Krav Maga skills. Of course also to have fun. The testing part of the camps is only on the last day and you can decide during the camps if you will test or not. You can also feel free to consult with the instructors about the testing.


Camps in Israel

Global team of instructors at the camps 2015


Traveling In Israel

As a part of our annual P.G.E Camps In Israel, we tend to change our routine from time to time. Last year we took our groups to a shooting range in a nice Kibutz, and the year before that it was a group bonding that we did together, but this year we’ll experience Israel from a total different angle…

We will be going on a fascinating trip in Israel on June 8-10 – a complete 2 days trip, including:
The city of Tel Aviv
Israel’s Capital – Jerusalem
The Dead Sea
Masada Mountain
Ein Gedi
✓ And many more mesmerizing locations!

~ Trip Prices ~
€395 Per 1 Person
*Transportation, guidance, accommodation & breakfasts are included!*

For more information please contact us at >> admin@krav-maga.com 


The camps in Israel 2017 sign up will begin on September 1st 2016. Secure your super early discount by signing up as soon ass possible!

Please check out our upcoming Practitioner, Graduate and Expert Krav Maga Camps in our EVENTS CALENDAR. When you have found the event you would like to attend, fill out the form by clicking “book your event” below.

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