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Boardroom Warriors Workshops for managers

Workshops for managers

Professional Workshops for Managers at Different Levels within a Organization – using self-defense, fighting skills and 3rd party protection as a vehicle to better understand and improve the management proficiencies, manager’s empowerment, management roles and functions under regular as well as turbulent corporate conditions and changing times.

The proposed Boardroom Warriors Workshops are programs for groups of managers incorporates and presents tactics, correlations, links, associations, and capabilities from the Krav Maga Global disciplines on management skills. The learning method is experiential, empirical and hands-on. Activities can be performed at the company, a conference center or any relevant resort.

We offer from one to three days of workshops, as well as longer courses, where we instruct, transform, use and apply mental skills; conflict management tools; ways of coping and handling of pressure and stress; team building and managing expertise;  preparation methods; tactical and strategy thinking.


Contact us regarding workshops at: Admin@krav-maga.com

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