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KMG – Instructor of the Month January 2016


Jens Christian Andersen, KMG Norway


Marital status:






Krav Maga experience:

I started to train Krav Maga-based military hand-to-hand combat in my military unit back in 2006, that was the start of a great journey, which is still going on. I had Rune Lind as instructor in 2008, he introduced me to KMG(IKMF at the beginning). Thank you Rune.

From 2010 I have been a part of KMG.

Our club Bushido Martial Art Centre / KMG-Bergen have been a KMG-Club since January 2011, I did the GIC the same year. Since then it have been other courses and educations such as LEIC, WIC & KIC.

I have had the honour and pleasure to meet and learn from some of the very best: Eyal Yanilov, Zeev Cohen, Ilya Dunsky, Meyrav Bar Haim, Nadav Shosan, Rune Lind and more.


Why Krav Maga:  

I have experienced and trained many systems over the years, and Krav Maga is in my opinion the most effective system for both self-defense and combat. The system suits everybody regardless of gender, age or physical and mental conditions.  It is very well organized in KMG, something I appreciate since logistics and structure is some of the things that I worship. Krav Maga also have a unique and very important history, I am proud to be a part of it.

Our group of students reflects the society, we have all kinds of people from special operators to people that haven’t done any heavy physical work for decades, we have young and old people, we have students with in injuries, people who have experienced terrible things, and so on. With KMG Krav Maga I can give every single one a good and meaningful workout.

As the great founder Imi LIchtenfeld said: “KravMaga is self-defense for the people”.

KMG Krav Maga gives us the opportunity to help people get a better life. And that is the best satisfaction I can get.


Weekly training regime:

 In our club KMG-Bergen we have two locations, one at the West Side of Bergen and one in the City Center, we have classes Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and weekends. Ungraded class, Graded class, Kids class, Teens class and we have the Women only class. Usually I teach almost every day, add to regular teaching I do seminars and courses.

We do Knife-defense Courses, Law enforcement Courses and we have several Self-defense Courses for Women each year, free of charge.


Most effective Krav Maga technique:

To pick one technique, is probably one of the most difficult questions I’ve received, it is almost impossible. If I should pick one thing, I would say the system.

Many will say the groin kick, and I agree that it is extremely effective. Since this is a self-defense system I will emphasize some defensive techniques that in my opinion is very important. The 360 defense and inside-defense principles combined with fast and aggressive counterattacks is maybe the most important techniques to avoid a surprisingly attack at the streets.

Anyway, my answer to the question would be the mental training, working with the mindset, mental awareness that we train a lot which helps one to avoid the most of situations.

But the whole system is great, the natural responses and the fact that the system is constantly under development.


Tip for KMG trainees:

Follow your instructors advice, set your goals, always do your best and you will manage to achieve  them.


Two slogans that have helped me:

“train as you fight – fight as you train”

followed by


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