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KMG – Instructor of the Month February 2016


Dana O’Neal, KMG USA



Marital status:

Married to Greg O’Neal


Owner and Trainer at Texarkana Krav Maga LLC

Krav Maga experience:

I was introduced to Krav Maga around 15 years ago when I was training in traditional martial arts. My husband was taking the class with Kelly Fiori and they encouraged me to train.  That school closed and there was no one in our area teaching or training Krav.  My husband decided to explore options and began the process to become a KMG instructor in 2011 and I began training with him.  I found that I was getting stronger and felt more secure with myself as a result of training that I decided to become and instructor as well!  I could not have made a better decision!  The journey to become a KMG instructor was the most challenging and rewarding struggle that I have ever had!  I am so grateful for my training with Eyal Yanilov and his dedication to each instructor in the system.  In fact, I loved my GIC training with Pavel Shreer, Ilya Dunsky, Jonathan Bullock, and Emmanuel Ayache so much that I went on to train with more of the wonderful Global Instructors: Zeev Cohen and Meyrav Bar Haim in the KIC and WIC courses!  My husband and I continue to train as a family in our school

Why Krav Maga:

I enjoy training martial arts, but I continue with Krav Maga because it is not just a fighting system.  It is a system of problem solving.  Because of this, I value training Krav Maga because it trains me for everyday life.

Weekly training regime:

I train children and adults 6 days a week.  I do get my own training in about 2-3 times a week with our adult classes and other trainers.

Most effective Krav Maga technique:

I really like the regular kick.  One well placed kick to the groin will soften most folks and render all the other strikes more effective.

Tip for KMG trainees:

The best advice that I can give any trainee is to judge your progress based on you.  What are your goals? What progress have you made toward your goals?  Never compare yourself to anyone else in training.  Judge your results and build up yourself.

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