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12 Ways For Preventing, Avoiding & Dealing With Violent Attacks

   12 Ways For Preventing, Avoiding & Dealing With Violent Attacks By Eyal Yanilov   When it comes to self-defense, KMG’s way is an integrated system with own benefits in preventing, avoiding and dealing with violent attacks.


 UNDERSTANDING COMBAT MINDSET AND MENTAL CONDITIONING By Eyal Yanilov and Ole Boe It’s easy to be happy when you are healthy and successful. But how about when you are in trouble? How would you behave? How would you deal with
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Active shooter defense – blog

 Active shooter defense – blog from the Krav Maga world Anyone who has done Krav Maga, even for just a short period of time, have realized that we are vulnerable to violent attacks from bad people if we are not
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Self-Defense Gadgets – Pros and Cons

 self-defense gadgets – Pros and Cons By Eyal Yanilov   Recent events around the world have brought the subject of personal self-defense gadgets to be of an interest to many of us. I have received many requests to write about
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Knife Attacks and defenses by Dr. Tal Kvores – Part 2

 Knife Attacks – part 2 Response of the “victim” The response and knife defenses of the victim depends on the skills, level of awareness and preparation, as well as the situation (to mention that additional visualization techniques are very useful
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Touring Israel blog – A participant’s journey

 “Why go touring Israel?” Why Krav Maga of course! The decision to go Touring Israel may be a strange concept for many people, especially for those without a link to Krav Maga. Interestingly for Israelis, Krav Maga seemed a strange reason
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How a Krav Maga technique is changed and modified

 Krav Maga is a dynamic and evolving system. Imi was superb in creating the efficient and natural way to a solution (perform a technique) for a specific problem (aggressor’s attack). Imi was a unique example for how a Krav Maga
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Fighting – Sparring for Krav Maga, by Tommy Blom

 First, lets look at what sparring for krav maga is, what it should be, how it should be used and what benefit we can reap from it if we use it correctly.  In the table below you’ll see the different types
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Why teach Krav Maga to kids and teenagers?

 By Zeev Cohen   Why teach Krav Maga to kids and teenagers? This important question is being asked numerous times while I teach kids instructor’s courses around the world. I believe that the answer to the question begins with Imi’s
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Main Principles of Krav Maga as WE in KMG act and follow (short version)

 By Eyal Yanilov, founder of Krav Maga Global Lately I have been thinking about the main principles of Krav Maga as they were taught to me and later added by myself over the last twenty years. It is my belief
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