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How KMG Changed the World of Krav Maga?

 How KMG (Krav Maga Global) Changed the World of Krav Maga? by KMG HQ Since Krav Maga was officially founded back in the 40’s in the State of Israel, many people believed it was a set of combined martial arts together
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Carjacking and Road Rage | By Eyal Yanilov

 Carjacking and Road Rage Blog by Eyal Yanilov Two hours after I finished teaching an anti-carjacking and road rage seminar in Florida, there was a carjacking incident near where we were. It was an evening seminar which part of it
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Krav Maga training in the IDF (Israel defense forces)

 Krav Maga training in the IDF (Israel defense forces) By Ilya Dunsky | Expert 4 in KMG   Today Krav Maga training in the IDF (Israel defense forces) is divided into three sections: Self defense Combat and fighting Third party protection (VIP)
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How a Krav Maga technique is changed and modified

 Krav Maga is a dynamic and evolving system. Imi was superb in creating the efficient and natural way to a solution (perform a technique) for a specific problem (aggressor’s attack). Imi was a unique example for how a Krav Maga
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Common reactions to fear and how to deal with it

 Blog by Ole Boe Imagine the following scenario and try to think about your reactions to fear: You have just finished training, and you are on your way home after a quick shower. You had a good training session and
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Why you should join KMG, the strongest Krav Maga organization in the world

 Blog by David Gorin, General Manager of Krav Maga Global When I first started in Krav Maga Global, the professionalism of Eyal Yanilov and his team of dedicated country directors, school owners and instructors struck me. I knew right from
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