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Lady Savior – Krav Maga As A Treatment

 Lady Savior – Krav Maga As A Treatment by Theresa Wever My name is Theresa and I have been teaching self-defense in Holland for over 3 years, at a specialized clinic for people diagnosed with PTSD/PTSS (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/ Syndrome).
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The Benefits of Training Krav Maga – Self Defence for Women

 Blog post by Anna Active The title of this article, “The benefits of training Krav Maga – Self defence for women”, is pretty much the question that most Krav Maga instructors are presented with when a female wants to take
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David meets Goliath – Self defense for women

 David meets Goliath: Self Defense for Women Physically, women usually are (on an average scale of course) smaller and less powerful than men. Women’s strength is 30% weaker than most men of the same size. Comparing a 60kg, 165 cm (132ibs, 5′
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