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KMG Women Power on the Rise

 KMG Women Power on the Rise We have all heard about the MeToo campaign and we often hear about woman and teenage girls being harassed. The truth is that so many are unaware of Krav-Maga being a solution for them
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Lady Savior – Krav Maga As A Treatment

 Lady Savior – Krav Maga As A Treatment by Theresa Wever My name is Theresa and I have been teaching self-defense in Holland for over 3 years, at a specialized clinic for people diagnosed with PTSD/PTSS (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/ Syndrome).
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The Benefits of Training Krav Maga – Self Defence for Women

 Blog post by Anna Active The title of this article, “The benefits of training Krav Maga – Self defence for women”, is pretty much the question that most Krav Maga instructors are presented with when a female wants to take
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David meets Goliath – Self defense for women

 David meets Goliath: Self Defense for Women Physically, women usually are (on an average scale of course) smaller and less powerful than men. Women’s strength is 30% weaker than most men of the same size. Comparing a 60kg, 165 cm (132ibs, 5′
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