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The GIT in Israel | by Eyal Yanilov

 The GIT in Israel by Eyal Yanilov Our goal is to teach Krav Maga and assist people to defend themselves, protect others and improve their own lives, thus become a better version of themselves. How do we progress and become
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Becoming a Krav Maga Expert Instructor | by Eyal Yanilov

 Becoming a Krav Maga Expert Instructor Who Is a Role Model Invest in Yourself in Order to Invest in Others By Eyal Yanilov You and I Got a Problem Occasionally, we hear instructors saying they can’t attend an update or
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The Importance and Meaning of the Combat and Fighting Instructor Course

 Combat & Fighting instructor course (CFIC) – Blog by Eyal Yanilov Regarding Combat and Fighting, when we look at the basics of the self-defense section of KMG, we shall always start by teaching a certain technique. From there, we continue with
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Understanding Combat Mindset and Mental Conditioning by Ole B

 You probably think you a have a good combat mindset, and you may be correct. But what if I ask you these questions: What are the best exercises in order to develop a good combat mindset? What happens under stress?
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Instructors Education for Military and VIP Protection by KMG

 The Axiom – We Need to Invest in the Human Resources Instructors Education for Military and VIP Protection The needs and missions of modern Military or VIP Protection Units may vary from daily soldiers’ and officers’ routines, through combat in
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