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Strengthening Your Grip

 Strengthening Your Grip By Peter Lakatos So you pair up with this guy, and you know it is going to hurt. The subject is pistol threat from the front, and every single time he takes your gun you feel like
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Mobility and stability – Article number 2 by Peter Lakatos

 Mobility and stability  By Peter Lakatos – Expert level 3 KMG international team of instructors   For sure you have heard these words, since most of the fitness trends are trying to explain their goals via mobility, stability balance and
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Active shooter defense – blog

 Active shooter defense – blog from the Krav Maga world Anyone who has done Krav Maga, even for just a short period of time, have realized that we are vulnerable to violent attacks from bad people if we are not
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KMG – Instructor of the Month December 2015

 Name: Matilda Lassinantti, KMG Sweden Age: 38   Marital status: In a relationship   Occupation: An outdoor educator at a preschool in Gothenburg  

Focusing on the mission in Krav Maga

 Focusing on the mission in Krav Maga Guest blog by Johnny Waterschoot KMG Belgium In Krav Maga classes, we regularly tell our students to “focus on the mission”. Not only because it sounds cool, or because it comes from Krav
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KMG camps in Israel – A journey by Ariel Townsend –

 A journey to the KMG camps In Israel As a developing female instructor, we asked Ariel to share her experience at G Camp in Israel last month. Ariel is an assistant instructor from the Pacific Northwest in the U.S. What
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Touring Israel blog – A participant’s journey

 “Why go touring Israel?” Why Krav Maga of course! The decision to go Touring Israel may be a strange concept for many people, especially for those without a link to Krav Maga. Interestingly for Israelis, Krav Maga seemed a strange reason
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KMG Instructor of the Month – July 2015

 Instructor of the month Dr. Phil Munro, KMG Scotland Age: 48 years old Marital status: Married to Joan Occupation: Medical doctor. For the last 15 years I have worked full time as a hospital specialist in Emergency Medicine. My work
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Interview with Eyal Yanilov

 by: Alicia Lu Like Taking Krav Maga Classes? Thank Master Eyal Yanilov, Who Introduced the System Around the World Under the Guidance of Imi Himself If you ever find yourself in a life-threatening situation, there is no one in the
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The Benefits of Training Krav Maga – Self Defence for Women

 Blog post by Anna Active The title of this article, “The benefits of training Krav Maga – Self defence for women”, is pretty much the question that most Krav Maga instructors are presented with when a female wants to take
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