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KMG Women Power on the Rise

 KMG Women Power on the Rise We have all heard about the MeToo campaign and we often hear about woman and teenage girls being harassed. The truth is that so many are unaware of Krav-Maga being a solution for them
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The GIT in Israel | by Eyal Yanilov

 The GIT in Israel by Eyal Yanilov Our goal is to teach Krav Maga and assist people to defend themselves, protect others and improve their own lives, thus become a better version of themselves. How do we progress and become
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How KMG Changed the World of Krav Maga?

 How KMG (Krav Maga Global) Changed the World of Krav Maga? by KMG HQ Since Krav Maga was officially founded back in the 40’s in the State of Israel, many people believed it was a set of combined martial arts together
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Carjacking and Road Rage | By Eyal Yanilov

 Carjacking and Road Rage Blog by Eyal Yanilov Two hours after I finished teaching an anti-carjacking and road rage seminar in Florida, there was a carjacking incident near where we were. It was an evening seminar which part of it
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Becoming a Krav Maga Expert Instructor | by Eyal Yanilov

 Becoming a Krav Maga Expert Instructor Who Is a Role Model Invest in Yourself in Order to Invest in Others By Eyal Yanilov You and I Got a Problem Occasionally, we hear instructors saying they can’t attend an update or
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12 Ways For Preventing, Avoiding & Dealing With Violent Attacks

   12 Ways For Preventing, Avoiding & Dealing With Violent Attacks By Eyal Yanilov   When it comes to self-defense, KMG’s way is an integrated system with own benefits in preventing, avoiding and dealing with violent attacks.

Main Principles of Krav Maga as WE in KMG act and follow (short version)

 Lately I have been thinking about the main principles of Krav Maga as they were taught to me and later added by myself over the last twenty years. It is my belief that understanding the principles of Krav Maga is
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Imi’s Coffee Shop And Favorite Cake – Blog by Eyal Yanilov

 A personal story about my experience with Imi Well, he didn’t own a cake shop, he just used to visit it on a daily basis. When I met Imi he was 64 years old, already retired from military service for 10
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 UNDERSTANDING COMBAT MINDSET AND MENTAL CONDITIONING By Eyal Yanilov and Ole Boe It’s easy to be happy when you are healthy and successful. But how about when you are in trouble? How would you behave? How would you deal with
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Self-Defense Gadgets – Pros and Cons

 self-defense gadgets – Pros and Cons By Eyal Yanilov   Recent events around the world have brought the subject of personal self-defense gadgets to be of an interest to many of us. I have received many requests to write about
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