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Author Archives: Eyal Yanilov

About Eyal Yanilov

Born in 1959, Eyal Yanilov began his Krav Maga training with Eli Avikzar, the top student of Grand Master Imi-Sde Or (Lichtenfeld), the founder of Krav Maga and soon afterwards, Eyal began to study Krav-Maga directly under the personal tutelage of Imi himself. Eyal demonstrated extraordinary talent as student in Krav Maga, and then later as an Instructor and went on to serve as Imi’s closest assistant from the early 1980’s for almost 30 years. Imi presented Eyal with the ‘Founders Diploma of Excellence’ and the highest grade ever awarded, Master Level 3/Expert Level 8.
When the Master Headed East | by Eyal Yanilov

 When the Master Headed East by Eyal Yanilov Several times a year I am traveling to a group of countries, to conduct a tour of seminars and other important activities. In April I was visiting with great pleasure, several of
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Becoming a Krav Maga Expert Instructor | by Eyal Yanilov

 Becoming a Krav Maga Expert Instructor Who Is a Role Model Invest in Yourself in Order to Invest in Others By Eyal Yanilov You and I Got a Problem Occasionally, we hear instructors saying they can’t attend an update or
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12 Ways For Preventing, Avoiding & Dealing With Violent Attacks

   12 Ways For Preventing, Avoiding & Dealing With Violent Attacks By Eyal Yanilov   When it comes to self-defense, KMG’s way is an integrated system with own benefits in preventing, avoiding and dealing with violent attacks.

Main Principles of Krav Maga as WE in KMG act and follow (short version)

 Lately I have been thinking about the main principles of Krav Maga as they were taught to me and later added by myself over the last twenty years. It is my belief that understanding the principles of Krav Maga is
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How a Krav Maga technique is changed and modified

 Krav Maga is a dynamic and evolving system. Imi was superb in creating the efficient and natural way to a solution (perform a technique) for a specific problem (aggressor’s attack). Imi was a unique example for how a Krav Maga
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Blog by Eyal: Why should you train KMG / Self-Defense?

 Why should you train KMG / Self Defense? The truth is, a much better question would be – why should someone not make an effort to learn self-defense? No one even thinks about getting into deep water without knowing how
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Blog by Eyal Yanilov – KMG World Tour 2014 Events Summary

 I have always wanted to do a World Tour (WT). Why? Why do the Rolling Stones, or the best acts in the world do it? I am sure they have their own reasons, but for me it is about teaching
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Fighting Tactics in KMG

 The person who knows how to use tactics in a fight will win the battle. Translated from Hebrew, in the bible it is written “with stratagem you will do war”.   I want to continue where Tommy Blom and Dr
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The rigorous training and road to become a KMG instructor

 The question I got lately and wish to focus on in this blog/article is “What is the GIC? How it has evolved under your tutelage (since the beginning), why it is so long, why it is divided into several parts,
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Instructors Education for Military and VIP Protection by KMG

 The Axiom – We Need to Invest in the Human Resources Instructors Education for Military and VIP Protection The needs and missions of modern Military or VIP Protection Units may vary from daily soldiers’ and officers’ routines, through combat in
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