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Author Archives: Jonathan KMG

Strengthening Your Grip

 Strengthening Your Grip By Peter Lakatos So you pair up with this guy, and you know it is going to hurt. The subject is pistol threat from the front, and every single time he takes your gun you feel like
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Mobility and stability – Article number 2 by Peter Lakatos

 Mobility and stability  By Peter Lakatos – Expert level 3 KMG international team of instructors   For sure you have heard these words, since most of the fitness trends are trying to explain their goals via mobility, stability balance and
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 MOVEMENT QUALITY / LOWERING THE RISK OF INJURY By Peter Lakatos   The screen generally used in preparation typically focuses on the quantitative movement values of the athlete. Strength, strength endurance, speed, reaction time, power, power-endurance, power – just to
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Imi’s Coffee Shop And Favorite Cake – Blog by Eyal Yanilov

 A personal story about my experience with Imi Well, he didn’t own a cake shop, he just used to visit it on a daily basis. When I met Imi he was 64 years old, already retired from military service for 10
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 UNDERSTANDING COMBAT MINDSET AND MENTAL CONDITIONING By Eyal Yanilov and Ole Boe It’s easy to be happy when you are healthy and successful. But how about when you are in trouble? How would you behave? How would you deal with
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Active shooter defense – blog

 Active shooter defense – blog from the Krav Maga world Anyone who has done Krav Maga, even for just a short period of time, have realized that we are vulnerable to violent attacks from bad people if we are not
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Self-Defense Gadgets – Pros and Cons

 self-defense gadgets – Pros and Cons By Eyal Yanilov   Recent events around the world have brought the subject of personal self-defense gadgets to be an interest to many people. I have received many requests to write about this topic
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KMG – Instructor of the Month February 2016

 Name: Dana O’Neal, KMG USA Age: 45 Marital status: Married to Greg O’Neal

The Importance and Meaning of the Combat and Fighting Instructor Course

 Combat & Fighting instructor course (CFIC) – Blog by Eyal Yanilov Regarding Combat and Fighting, when we look at the basics of the self-defense section of KMG, we shall always start by teaching a certain technique. From there, we continue with
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KMG – Instructor of the Month January 2016

 Name: Jens Christian Andersen, KMG Norway   Marital status: Married   Occupation: Technician  

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