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KMG Instructor of the Month – September 2014

Instructor of the Month

Amélie Mauerhofer, KMG Switzerland



33 years old

Marital status:

Single with no children


I am a full time Client advisor at UBS Wealth Management and Swiss Bank. (Degree in Economy) And a KMG instructor at EKMC Switzerland.

Krav Maga experience:

I passed G3 during the last G-Camp in Israel. Started training KM in 2003 at the EKMC School under Pedro Aneiros. We were working with IKMF until 2011 and then when we decided to go back to the source and joined Eyal and the KMG, which was much more in the same line of our school. Next I went through the grading process until my P5 and completed my GIC in 2013 under Emmanuel Ayache in France. Read More

Instructors Education for Military and VIP Protection by KMG

The Axiom – We Need to Invest in the Human Resources

Instructors Education for Military and VIP Protection

The needs and missions of modern Military or VIP Protection Units may vary from daily soldiers’ and officers’ routines, through combat in different terrains, close protection assignments (executive/VIP), peace-keeping and peace-enforcing missions, counterterrorism and rescue operations, as well as close-quarters or urban raids in the heart of enemy territory, or at the center of a densely populated city. Read More

VIP Protection – Entering the Danger Zone

VIP Protection is a clear contradiction of self-defense. If another person is being attacked and you wish to protect yourself, it is obvious that, in most cases, the best thing would be to move in the opposite direction since the attackers are busy with their victim. But what if it is your brother or sister, your best friend or your fellow officer? What then?

Sometimes protecting others can be very simple.  You may have the opportunity to approach and attack the assailant in a very efficient manner, coming from a blind spot, maybe even using a common object that will enhance your impact and destructive force. For those who are less trained, this can be a very effective and simple solution, attack the aggressor to the best of your ability in the most sensitive and vulnerable points possible. Naturally the solution/technique you use and the damage you inflict should be fitting to the level of imminent danger. Please remember to follow the laws in your country, even if KMG has no rules. Read More

The road to success: many years of ongoing effort

Spending time with the participants of the 3 camps in Israel this summer reminds me of the following story:
Two farmers asked the village’s wise man how to find water to irrigate their fields. The wise man told them to “dig fifty meters”. The first farmer started digging.  He dug one meter, stepped sideways and dug another meter, then stepped forward and dug another meter. In this manner he dug 50 meters, until the entire area became full of one meter deep holes. The second farmer dug one hole 50 meters deep. Who do you think struck water?
Read More

Learn to evaluate for yourself: are you being trained responsibly?

The wrong solution can kill you. An unsuitable response can cause you great harm. Students – are you receiving the best knowledge possible? Do you know how to evaluate for yourself? Instructors – are you giving the best knowledge available? Look at the following clip of correct and incorrect gun defenses. Some teach you the correct technique while others teach you the wrong one. Are you equipped to evaluate? Without being taught, have the facts analyzed or shown the right way, most people cannot evaluate for themselves.

It goes without saying that in matters of life and death, in order to protect your family or friends and survive a violent conflict, one should train with the best instructor, be part of the most proficient system, have the best partners to train with and have the most superior infrastructure from which to obtain knowledge and acquire experience. Read More

The Evolution of Ranking in Krav Maga and Krav Maga Global (KMG)

Imi told me once that after he retired from the military in 1964 there were no formal ranking system, during the first months he taught civilians, he gave the teenagers 10 military shirts and those were their KM uniforms.

He then wanted to be considered as part of the martial arts family and the fighting sports (he was not yet sure what his path would be in the civilian sector), so he adopted the Judo uniforms and the Judo belt ranking. Read More

Another day in the Office

Some years ago Tommy Blom, Richard Fagan, both members of our Global and International Teams, and I were teaching a special unit somewhere out east. During one of the days we conducted different sessions in a “training village” where we practiced shooting, driving, avoiding driving vehicles, performed VIP protection tactics, integrating KMG with everything and more. At the end of the day, Tommy shortly wrote home about these activities and added, “Just another day in the office”. Read More

40 years and a couple of Books later…

40 years ago (this coming April) I began training Krav Maga; I was almost 15 at the time and I liked it from the first moment. I began training with one of Imi’s top students at the time (Eli Avikzar, RIP), and about 5-6 months later I began training with Imi as well. He was teaching advanced students on Saturdays, for about 3 hours a session, aimed for advanced students. I was far from being an advanced student, but I probably had the potential and some talent that he noticed and certainly had the passion.

Read More

David meets Goliath

Teaching Women Self Defense

Women are, on average, smaller and less powerful than men. A woman’s muscle is 30% weaker than a man of the same size. Comparing a 60kg, 165 cm (132ibs, 5′ 5″) woman to a 90kg, 183cm man (198ibs, 6′.) is like comparing the same man to a man who weighs 230 kg (~500ibs) with the height of about 230 cm (~8ft).

Would you; a man of 90 kg, want to fight such a monster who can make a pretzel of you? Probably not! If you had to, then you should use tactics and techniques that we teach woman. Read More

Saving Lives and Control

Some Issues from the Sector of KMG for Law Enforcement

By Eyal Yanilov

Imi told me once that he started teaching Self Defense techniques and approach as part of Military Krav Maga in the early 1950’s when commanders from the Military Police came to him with this need as their officers/soldiers were getting punched by other soldiers, especially paratroopers, while handing out reports for inappropriate dress-code. Funny but true, and I personally know a couple of paratroopers (good friends of the family) from that generation and period of time who did this in several occasions. Read More

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