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Why teach Krav Maga to kids and teenagers?

By Zeev Cohen


Why teach Krav Maga to kids and teenagers?

This important question is being asked numerous times while I teach kids instructor’s courses around the world. I believe that the answer to the question begins with Imi’s famous sentence: “that one may live in peace…” Does “one” include the young ages as well? It is important to mention that when Imi introduced Krav Maga for civilians, it was taught only to adults first, and later to teenagers. At his late years, when Krav Maga began to be practice with kids, Imi was saying “The kids are the base to Krav Magas future”. Read More

Main Principles of Krav Maga as WE in KMG act and follow (short version)

By Eyal Yanilov, founder of Krav Maga Global

Lately I have been thinking about the main principles of Krav Maga as they were taught to me and later added by myself over the last twenty years. It is my belief that understanding the principles of Krav Maga is important for a greater knowledge of krav maga as a system and for you to have in mind when you are training.


There are technical and tactical principles when defending yourself, or others, as well as those principles that direct and pave our way in life and in combat.


Perhaps the first and most important principles is that you must strive to win, so that the enemy/aggressor/criminal will not be able to continue. Secondly, aim to avoid, prevent or de-escalate the situation you are facing, especially in self-defense. Do not forget, if you need to act, act decisively and correctly according to the danger presented.

  • In fighting and in combat – inflict maximum damage to your enemy, with minimum time spent, while sustaining minimum harm to yourself.
  • In 3rdparty protection – protect your loved ones at all costs.
  • Always act according to the law of the country you are in.

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KMG Instructor of the Month – April 2015

Instructor of the Month

Ravid Schimko, KMG Israel


37 years old , 20 years old in spirit


Marital status:


  Read More

Interview with Eyal Yanilov

by: Alicia Lu


Like Taking Krav Maga Classes? Thank Master Eyal Yanilov, Who Introduced the System Around the World Under the Guidance of Imi Himself

If you ever find yourself in a life-threatening situation, there is no one in the world you’d rather have save you than Eyal Yanilov. Trust me. The Krav Maga master has been training for more than 40 years, first under the instruction of Eli Avikzar, who was Imi’s top student at one point, and then under Imi Lichtenfeld himself, the founder of Krav Maga, whom Eyal calls a “gentleman” and “a living example of how to live and behave.”


After engraining Imi’s teachings into his body and spirit, Eyal was entrusted by his master to further develop his self-defense system. The complete system that we know today is a product of Eyal’s tutelage under Imi combined with developments he added to the core curriculum. Those additions include third-party protection (VIPs, friends, family members) fighting tactics and combat skills, two now-crucial sections of the Krav Maga that reflect a keen intuition behind Eyal’s steely gaze.

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Common reactions to fear and how to deal with it

Blog by Ole Boe

Imagine the following scenario and try to think about your reactions to fear: You have just finished training, and you are on your way home after a quick shower. You had a good training session and you feel good. You are also hungry because the training was hard, so you decide to take a short cut in order to get home more quickly. You therefore enter into a street where there is not much light. Usually you take the long way around the block, but today you make a different decision. You go into the dark street. Read More

KMG Instructor of the Month – March 2015

Instructor of the Month

Christian Patrick Namrok, KMG Denmark

Civil status:

Married to Krav Maga.

Part time security officer and Krav Maga instructor.

Krav Maga Experience:

6 years.
Why Krav Maga:
I started training in Wado Ryu Karate as a kid in Paris, France where I grew up. And apparently I had skills because I ended up competing for the French National Team in Wado Ryu Karate.
I felt that more challenges, so I joined the Parashutiste Legion Etrangerre (Foreign Legion’s Paratroopers) where we were training a lot of hand-to-hand combat. I found the simplicity and the mental part of this training very fascinating and went to train Krav Maga with Richard Douieb’s school in Paris. I still had my Karate training and the French National Team so it took me away from Krav Maga after one year or so.
When I moved to Denmark in the 90’s I continued with Karate and made it to the Danish National Team in Wado Ryu. It was only in 2009 that I met with the Danish director of IKMF (now KMG), Jes Sørensen and started training with him. I completed the instructor course in 2010 and now hold Graduate Level 4.
I love Krav Maga and the simplicity of the system. I love the community that we have and I love that when I teach I know that what I give my student can one day save their lives.

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The Benefits of Training Krav Maga – Self Defence for Women

Blog post by Anna Active

The title of this article, “The benefits of training Krav Maga – Self defence for women”, is pretty much the question that most Krav Maga instructors are presented with when a female wants to take part in training. Ok, that may be a sweeping statement however my point is this, I believe, as females, our attitude towards our personal safety and well being is too reactive. We imagine the worst case scenario and then look for a solution ‘incase it happens’. Read More

Krav Maga training in the IDF (Israel defense forces)

By Ilya Dunsky Expert 4

Today Krav Maga training in the IDF (Israel defense forces) is divided into three sections:

  1. Self defense
  2. Combat and fighting
  3. Third party protection (VIP)

The objective in each section is different and at times may even contradict each other: Read More

Self-Defense Against an Unhealthy Lifestyle

Blog by Ran Laskov – part of the KMG Global Instructor Team (GIT), clinical dietitian, fitness instructor, nutritionist and healthy lifestyle lecturer.

In my mind, an unhealthy lifestyle is a collection of destructive habits which create a physical and mentally unbalanced living environment. This unbalance may lead to morbidity, damage our lifestyle and shorten our life expectancy.

Below are 10 somewhat undesired habits that we must protect ourselves from and the “self-defense” methods against them.

# Threat Threat details Self-defense technique
1 Smoking One of the primary causes for lung and Esophagus cancer, responsible for many illnesses to the body. We are exposed to it passively and actively in everyday life. The best way to defend against smoking is by avoiding it and people who smoke. If you cannot avoid it, politely ask people not to smoke around you and take responsibility over your body by not smoking.
2 Lack of sleep Lack of sleep has a big effect on our body, physically and mentally. People who suffer from lack of sleep often deal with blurred vision, dizziness, decline in cognitive function, confusion, hallucination and memory loss. Aside from this, anxiety and depression are very common to people who suffer from lack of sleep. Try to get at least 7.5 hours of sleep per night and create a good sleeping environment. I.E.: comfortable mattress, clean bedroom, darken the room and remove anything that might interfere with your sleep. Get into bed no later than 22:30 and get up no later than 6:00.
3 Alcohol Excessive consumption of alcohol damages the liver, disrupts your judgment, causes aggressive behavior and might lead to car accidents and other damages. On the other hand, researches have shown that drinking a moderate amount of red wine that is full of anti-oxidants may be beneficial to your health. Avoid at all costs driving after alcohol consumption or being in a car with a driver that has consumed alcohol. Prepare a designated driver or call a taxi to get you home. If you still insist on drinking, try to consume no more than one cup each time, no more than three times per week and try to do it before you go to sleep.
4 Nervousness Nervousness can damage your judgment and can lead to wrong actions that may cause irreversible damage. Nervousness can lead to excessive secretion of stress hormones that may damage the immune system and leave the body vulnerable to heart attacks, diabetes, stroke and cancer. Practice 20 minutes of breathing techniques every day while sitting cross-legged. Make sure to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Researches have shown that people who practice these techniques every day, are calmer, more peaceful  and can cope better with the hectic everyday life.
5 Obesity About 2 million people die every year as a result of Obesity. Today there are about 1.5 billion people around the world that are overweight and obese. According to the world health organization, obesity is the number 1 cause of morbidity. Overweight people are more prone to illnesses such as: strokes, damage to internal organs- liver, heart and kidneys. Joint problems in the legs and problem with blood circulation in the legs. Weigh yourselves and measure your height, check on the internet your BMI score, if it is above 27, check your diameter three cm’ above your belly button, if it is above 102 cm for men or 88 cm for women then it is considered high. If you are over- weight reach out to a professional that may assist you in your dietary habits with physical fitness in-order to reduce the excessive fat that is a risk to your health. Physical fitness alone is not enough, you must combine the two.

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Instructor of the Month

Aleks Petrov, KMG Bulgaria


26 years old


Marital status:



Director of KMG Bulgaria and a full time KMG Instructor





Krav Maga experience:

My first contact with Krav Maga was in 2009 when I enrolled  and took part in an intensive security and anti-terror course in Kibbutz Shefayim, Israel. From that moment, my life has changed. When I returned to Bulgaria, I started to practice Krav Maga on my own. There were no Krav Maga instructors in Bulgaria at that time and I had to learn from few old IKMF DVD’s with Eyal Yanilov. In 2011, I attended the CIC in Athens, Greece organized by IKMF. I was trained and completed the course under the guidance of Avi Moyal, Amnon Darsa, Tamir Gilad, Israel Tamir, Shlomi Moyal, Israel Cohen, Dan Oren and Avshalom Dahan. I became responsible for the position of Director for IKMF Bulgaria from 2011 until 2013. In that period, I gained experience in teaching security companies, law enforcement authorities, the prison guards in the central jail in Sofia and a specialized unit fighting organized crimes. In the beginning of 2013, I started to work with KMG and after an intensive instructor update and exam under the supervision of Szabo Balazs in Sofia, Bulgaria I got my Graduate Level 2 Diploma. In 2014, I attended and passed the KIC and the exam for Graduate Level 3 under Zeev Cohen in Katowice, Poland.

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