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Dealing With Threatening Situations for Women | KMG Poland

A short clip regarding women dealing with threatening situations in courtesy of Anna Krupska our Women’s Division Leader in KMG Poland

The Ground Fight Course | by Rune Lind

The Ground Fight Course (GFC)

by Rune Lind


When we started making the GFC our initial thought was to provide KMG and the Krav Maga practitioners with tools also used by the competitive sports world to make their fighting skills better.

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Enhanced Experience, Especially For You | Master Camps 2018

Enhanced Experience, Especially For You | Master Camps 2018


Master Eyal Yanilov has decided this year to maximize the camp experience with the following:

  • One extra training day in P&G camps with KMG top GIT’s
  • 8-10 Krav-Maga training hours a day!
  • Structured meal times between the training and rest in your rooms
  • Advanced materials: VIP, Closed Quarters Battle (CQB) and Night-Training
  • Fun training activities: Krav-Maga in the pool, paintball shooting and more
  • Meeting our global community from more than 60 countries


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KMG Women Power on the Rise

KMG Women Power on the Rise

We have all heard about the MeToo campaign and we often hear about woman and teenage girls being harassed. The truth is that so many are unaware of Krav-Maga being a solution for them to defend themselves and others. KMG HQ has decided that one of our main goals for 2018, is to share the knowledge of Krav-Maga to as many women as possible all around the world.

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The GIT in Israel | by Eyal Yanilov

The GIT in Israel

by Eyal Yanilov

Our goal is to teach Krav Maga and assist people to defend themselves, protect others and improve their own lives, thus become a better version of themselves.

How do we progress and become better, striving to master our Krav Maga skills?

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How KMG Changed the World of Krav Maga?

How KMG (Krav Maga Global) Changed the World of Krav Maga?


Since Krav Maga was officially founded back in the 40’s in the State of Israel, many people believed it was a set of combined martial arts together – into one method. This belief was soon refuted by the person who originally founded Krav Maga, a brilliant system of self-defense which became one of the most famous martial arts systems in the world – Imi Lichtenfeld.

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Lady Savior – Krav Maga As A Treatment

Lady Savior – Krav Maga As A Treatment

by Theresa Wever

My name is Theresa and I have been teaching self-defense in Holland for over 3 years, at a specialized clinic for people diagnosed with PTSD/PTSS (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/ Syndrome).

I have also been teaching Krav-Maga in a Women’s shelter in Haifa, Israel, in the past 2 years. I have been able to do this, during my stay in Israel, for the PGE Master Camps in Israel. This is something I was very eager to do for a long time. Teaching Krav-Maga is challenging as it is, but there is a significant difficulty in teaching it to people who have already had the experience where they were not able to defend themselves (sufficiently).

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Carjacking and Road Rage | By Eyal Yanilov

Carjacking and Road Rage

Blog by Eyal Yanilov

Two hours after I finished teaching an anti-carjacking and road rage seminar in Florida, there was a carjacking incident near where we were.

It was an evening seminar which part of it was indoors working on the fundamentals of the subject with practice of different techniques, especially against armed assaults and threats, and part was outdoors with the cars. We truly had great fun, because no one was run over, it ended successfully. People learned new material, practiced previously known techniques, acquired experience and had fun.

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“Eat, Sleep, Krav Maga, Repeat”: 12 Days in the birthplace of Krav Maga

Eat, Sleep, Krav Maga, Repeat

A guest blog by Marianne Brink


I have been on a very exciting and life-changing journey for the last 3.5 years since I started training Krav Maga. In that time, I had a desire to be able to pass it on to others. Then, last year it was decided that I would go on the instructors course, and after that decision was made, the next big step was to decide where and when to take the General Instructors Course (GIC).

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Climbing the KMG Ladder Like an Expert | A guest blog by Sim Radulescu-Van Daele

Climbing the KMG Ladder Like an Expert

It’s been 8 years since I started Krav Maga. And so, with my recent level up to Expert, I’d like to write a little about my experiences, appreciation and acknowledgments.

Now, that everything had some time to sink, it was easier to put everything into words. I have a tendency to write books, so this is an attempt to keep it short.

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